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For details of how to join Kent Netball visit our Membership page here


Annual General Meeting

For details of our Annual General Meeting visit our AGM page here


To see who's on the Kent Netball  Management Committee visit our Committee page here.

To view Minutes of the Kent Netball Management Committee click here.


View here

Further Useful Governance Links

England Netball Safeguarding Guidance and Policies

Extreme Weather Guidance


Kent Netball policies can be accessed via the links below.  In the absence of a KN policy, KN adheres to England Netball's policies.

England Netball Codes of Conduct

England Netball Disciplinary Regulations

England Netball Safeguarding Policies

Kent Netball Compliments and Complaints Policy

Kent Netball Constitution

Kent Netball Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy

Kent Netball Finance Policy

Kent Netball Management Committee Role Profiles

Kent Netball Organisation Structure

Kent Netball Privacy Notice

Kent Netball Data Protection Policy

Kent Netball Conflict of Interest Policy

Kent Netball Terms of Reference

Kent Netball Website Terms and Conditions - includes Cookies Policy

Kent Netball Management Committee Code of Conduct

Kent Netball Policies Document Version Control Register

Kent Netball Recognition Policy

Kent Netball Recruitment Policy

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