ENjoy, ENtrust, ENsure is the England Netball brand for all Compliance and Inclusion resources.  


England Netball provides a range of guidance and policies to help safeguard young people and to ensure that any vulnerable young people are provided with the best support available.


The ENjoy, ENtrust, ENsure website contains resources for Safeguarding specific to CSOs, Parents and Young People, changes to the Disciplinary Regulations and new Inclusive guidance.

Safeguarding Policy

Kent Netball adopts the England Netball policies and procedures regarding safeguarding of children.


Reporting a Concern
Please see the flowchart for “Reporting a Safeguarding Concern” - available here


Disclosure and Barring Service Check

Update 13/07/20

Visit England Netball's Safeguarding page here to view the latest DBS Guidance June 2020 as a result of coronavirus.  The document contains information on how to apply and arrange verification whilst face-to-face meetings are suspended.

Information relating to prior to lockdown

There are three steps for applicants to complete:

  1. Make application to the Disclosure and Barring Service - instructions here.

  2. Complete England Netball Volunteer Consent Form - here.

  3. Contact one of Kent Netball's verifiers for your area to arrange verification.

For more information on the DBS process visit England Netball here


Kent Netball's DBS verifiers: