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England Netball provides a range of guidance and policies to help safeguard young people and to ensure that any vulnerable young people are provided with the best support available.


The England Netball website contains resources for Safeguarding specific to CSOs, Parents and Young People, changes to the Disciplinary Regulations and new Inclusive guidance.

Safeguarding Policy

Kent Netball adopts the England Netball policies and procedures regarding safeguarding of children.


Reporting a Concern
Please click here for further information on reporting a Safeguarding concern to England Netball


Disclosure and Barring Service Check

It is England Netball policy that all those in regulated activity must have a DBS check done with our umbrella company, Know Your People, every 3 years.

All applicants will be required to have their ID check completed through the post office.  You can find details of the DBS Process and how to apply on the EN website HERE

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