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The Officials are the third team on court, without whom the game would not happen.


England Netball has a fully developed officiating department offering assistance from grass roots up to the elite international level.  For more information on the work of England Netball click here.


For information on age limitations on young umpires click here.

For the umpiring pathway click here.

Kent Netball supports England Netball's comprehensive officiating strategy through the work of our County Officiating Lead - Caroline Duggan

umpiring awards

Introduction to the umpiring awards and the pathway to qualification in Kent.

All officiating courses are arranged by England Netball

mentoring & assessment

Ready for mentoring or assessment?   



Become a Tutor or an Assessor


kent netball umpiring successes 2022-2023

IO logo.jpg

IO Award Successes

August 2023:

Melissa Sanders   Nicola Eames

Sacha Stewart  Vanessa Stewart

Cayla Keith  Charlene Smith

October 2023:

Gemma Sparrow  Indira David

Clio Williams  Tiggy Warner

Isabel Spurgin  Catherine Attwood

December 2023:

Kirsty Green   Hannah Smith

Sian Sims   Lee Price

Lani Price   Ruby Gregory

Caitlin Sellar  Zoe Henderson

Aimee Henderson

January 2024:

Esme McCormack   Laura Relph

Zoe Riddleston

March 2024:

Abi Leigh   Taiwo Aliu

Charmian Evans   Jane Ryland

Sadie Bloomfield   Sienna Carter

Alice Murray   Grace Taylor

Josephine Martyn   Claudia Verwey

April 2024:

Dominique Price 


May 2024:

Ava Campion

June 2024:

Madison Shirras    Pearl Tracey

Evie Poyton    Alba Curtis

Isabelle McQuillan   Orla Moran

Isobel Mackenzie   Erin Hitch

Laura Marsh   Katie Harris

Georgia Glass   Isabelle Groves

Lucy Lloyd   Charlotte Carr

Carly Bryer   Olivia Slater

Isabella Massey-White

C logo.jpg

C Award Successes

July  2023:

Cally James  Libby James

Aurelie Kent  Tanya Barnaba

September  2023:

Cerys Alexander  Liz Cummins

October  2023:

Lucy Frost

November  2023:

Lottie Williams  Sam Mulligan

Marilyn Sheehan

December  2023:

Daisy Jones  Felicity Capon

March  2024:

Chloe Bridger  Vicky Shin

Lizzy Gaden   Melissa Sanders

Orla Mulligan  Kay Chizlett

Nicola Ellis   Denise Exall

Liz Lloyd   Dani Sheehan

Alison Brightman   

Emily Sharp   Millie Hill

April  2024:

Laura James   Megan James

June  2024:

Emily Frost   Lisa Davis

B logo.jpg

B Award Successes

February  2024:

Rachel Bealing

March  2024:

Elaine Daley

Tiffany Haughton

April  2024:

Alison Appleby

Rebecca Stening

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