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Do you hold any memorabilia relating to Netball in Kent?


We believe that it is essential that the historical records of netball in Kent are safeguarded in a professional way. Archives are an important reference point of history, knowledge and interest and can provide scholars, netballers and the general public with an understanding of the culture, heritage and achievements of netball in Kent. Netball is, after all, the only ‘female only’ sport played by over 20 million women throughout the world and it all started in Kent.


Netball was developed in the late 1890s by the students of the Bergman Österberg Physical Training College, Dartford, Kent. Madame Österberg’s College later became Dartford College of Physical Education. The College campus is now the site of North West Kent College, a partner college of the University of Greenwich and a blue plaque commemorates Martina Bergman Österberg. The Bergman Österberg Union Archive is housed at North West Kent College and Kent Netball archive material will be housed with the BÖU Archive.


More netball history can be found on the Our Netball History website.


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Do you have any material to include in the archive?

History of physical education and more.


Did you know that the roots of netball were established in Kent

in 1895?

our netball history

Celebrating England's Netball Heritage

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