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Kent Schools Invitation Netball festival


The Kent Schools Invitation Netball Festival invites schools to participate in either of the following competitions:

Emerging Schools Tournament U12, U13

  • For schools that have not participated in our county competitions during 2023-24.  Kent Netball reserves the right to consider applications from schools that have taken part in the county competitions based on their results on the day.

  • The day is aimed at the schools in the earlier stages of netball development. 

  • We run to England Netball guidelines and therefore schools should check the information below to ensure that they can meet the standards for safety and commitment.

  • See the ages permitted in the Age Groups link below.

Invited Schools Tournament U12, U13

  • Schools that have participated in our county competitions during 2023-24.

  • Those players who were named on the squad registration form for the U13 or U12 county competitions will not be eligible to take part.

  • See the ages permitted in the Age Groups link below.



  • Schools may only enter either the Emerging or Invited competition.

  • As we cannot know the formation of the day, you will need a responsible adult to accompany each team.

  • Furthermore we require you to provide a competent (but not necessarily qualified) umpire for each team who may be a responsible adult.

Date:                    Friday 15th March 2024

Time:                    Approx 09:30 - 15:00

Location:             Rainham School for Girls, Rainham ME8 0BX.

Eligibility:            Schools must a member of Kent Netball and England Netball.  For details on how to become a member click here.  Cost £42.50.

Entry:                    £15 per team. Entry Form here.

Maximum total schools: 42

Closing date:      Strictly 16/02/2024.

Spectators:         None

Would you like to enter a team from a different age group?

Let us know in the comment box on the form and we will see what response/capacity we have.

More information


Age Groups

Safety briefing

Player Registration Form

Enquiries Contact Dawn Cox

Please note that the entry form on this page is sometimes restricted by schools' web security.  Kindly try on another device not connected to school wifi if this is the case.

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