County Leagues

Kent County Senior Netball League 2019-20

As part of the EN Competition Pathway, Kent Netball provides a Senior County League. Matches are held on Sundays at indoor venues across the county. At the end of the season, winners of the league take part in the L&SE Regional League Play-Off, competing for a place in L&SE Regional League.​


Qualifiying teams from our local leagues are invited to apply to join the county league for 2019-20 once the documents are released in April 2020.  New teams should check the invitation list to see how they have qualified and open the Division 2 - new teams entry form for more information.

Closing date for entries 1st May 2020.  ENTRIES TAKEN IN APRIL 2020.

KCSNL handbook 2019-20


Kent County junior Netball League 2019-20

The County Junior League provides the main competition for talented players in the county. The league has U14, U16 and U19 sections and takes place Sundays at the Rainham Netball Centre, Rainham School for Girls.



Closing date for entries 30th June 2020.  ENTRIES TAKEN IN JUNE 2020.

KCJNL handbook 2019-20