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C Award PRACTICAL assessment


The training and assessment of Kent candidates is administered by Kent Netball.


Beginner or C Award - which path is right for you? Click here. check still up to date


C Award Pathway

  1. Attend a C Course

    • Find our courses here and other England Netball courses here.​

  2. Pass the Written Assessment

  3. Pre-assessment

  4. Pass the Practical Assessment

    • Applicants must have:

      •  Attended a C umpiring course within 2 years prior to applying to take practical assessment

      •  Successfully passed the written assessment (which is valid for two years from the date of taking the Written Assessment)

    •  Practical Assessment Arrangements

      • Assessments will be conducted on good standard school, junior or club matches within the learner’s County and/or at events specified by the County.

      • In exceptional circumstances an assessment may be taken out of County and then only with the agreement of both County Umpiring Secretaries

      • The County will be responsible for arranging venues, allocating Assessors and notifying candidates of the assessment arrangements.

    •  Assessors

      • Two currently accredited ‘C’ Award Assessors appointed by the County will conduct the practical assessment. Each Assessor will assess the candidate independently, and the result will be determined after thorough discussion between the two Assessors, with the nominated Lead Assessor having the final decision.

    • Form of Assessment

      • Learners will be observed for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes in a match.

      • They will need to achieve a minimum grade of 3 in five of the eight sections as per the criteria laid out in the Performance grades and competencies and ensure they have a thorough understanding of the scoring system

      • If required the Learner will have to answer, successfully, oral questions in the post match debriefing.

      • The Learner will receive written feedback either on the day or within one week of the Assessment.

    •  Results

      •  A certificate signed by the County will be issued to successful Learners together with a   metal brooch.

      •  The names of the successful Learners will be registered on to the England Netball list of ‘C’ Umpires.

      • Any Learner who does not meet the criteria in the Practical Assessment must submit a new fitness test together with the application form and fee.  The written assessment is valid for two years and does not need to be retaken if the new application is submitted within the two year timeline.

    • Apply for practical assessment here​


You can find information on this process in Kent by following the links below.

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