Grant name

Kent Netball UKCC Subsidy



Kent Netball is proud of its affiliated clubs performing at a high standard and competing on a regional or national stage.  It recognises that the management of these clubs involves a great deal of time and commitment, and that competing at this level has financial implications.  Therefore, Kent Netball has made this Performance Grant scheme open to those Kent clubs competing in the England Netball Premier League and the London & South East Regional League.


This funding is to support clubs in their participation in these competitions and should be used to assist entry fees, venue costs, overnight accommodation and transportation as applicable.


Application window

September 1st 2019 – August 31st 2020


Maximum value of application 2019-20

  • 35% course fee



Kent Netball is seeking to assist aspiring coaches who:

  • are coaching in a formal setting

  • are aspiring to coach in the Kent Netball Academy programme



Individuals must:

  • be affiliated to Kent Netball

  • come within the Kent Netball administrative remit

  • operate a bank account



Kent Netball will only consider applications that are:

  • used to assist with course fees, venue costs, overnight accommodation, transportation

  • signed and complete with the appropriate documentation

  • received by the closing date

In addition:

  • Priority will ultimately be given to applicants where the training will have a wider impact than on just the coach, and can contribute to the overall development of the sport in Kent

  • applications which can identify other sources of funding are encouraged

  • If you are on a low income, unemployed or receive benefits you may be entitled to additional support.  Please ensure you supply documentary evidence of financial circumstances with your application.

  • recipients of grants are required to support Kent Netball in its delivery.  You may be asked to participate in Kent Netball events and programmes

  • the subsidy will be paid upon receipt of certification of the course (except L3)

  • the subsidy is used solely towards financing the items as set out in the approved application and under no circumstances will it be used for any other purpose

  • you will be required to provide a 6 month review of the project upon request



This scheme is:

  • available annually

  • subject to funding and is reviewed annually

  • Kent Netball reserves the right to reclaim all or part of the subsidy if the above conditions are not complied with

How to apply

If you meet the criteria set out above you can click the 'Apply Online' button and complete your details on the online form.  Upon submission your form is sent to the Treasurer who will consider the application.  They will take your application to committee to secure approval (or otherwise) and so it may be 6 weeks before you hear back from us.