Buddy Player


The course cannot run without players of the appropriate standard to practise on.  The Learner should aim to provide at least one Buddy Player for the practical element of the course.  The requirements for buddies are as follows:



  • Aged 15 or over (U18s will need to bring a completed consent form with them on the day)

  • Affiliated to England Netball

  • Not another Learner on the course

  • Prepared to play indoors 14:00 - 15:30


However, at Into Officiating we tend to host full courses of 24  learners which means that there is some flexibility in this requirement if Learners are prepared to play themselves.  A buddy player is recommended so that the Learner is able to concentrate on umpiring.

The Learner must be aware of the condition of providing Buddy Players outlined in the Terms & Conditions on the next page.