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High Five


High 5 Netball is a fun, skillful game, where young players are able to rotate positions and adapt their skills to play in any position. The game is aimed at primary school aged children and is the ideal way to introduce them to Netball as a sport.

High 5 incorporates some adaptations to the rules making sure it provides a good foundation for youngsters to develop the physical, social and tactical skills required, in addition to developing knowledge and understanding of the game. The adaptations include:

  • Use of a smaller size 4 ball

  • Use of a lowered 9ft netball post

  • 4 seconds to pass the ball

  • 5 players on the court (additional squad members have the opportunity to take on roles such as timekeeper and scorer)

  • Players rotate positions, following a set rotation pattern


For a summary of the High 5 Netball rules, and FAQs, visit England Netball

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